From Good to Great


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Giving up control isn’t easy. I prefer to do my thing. It’s difficult to trust in God’s plan. To let go of something good for something better or best. But that’s what we’re called to do. To live in awe of the power, splendor, and majesty of God. To allow Him to move in me.

He has created you for a purpose (Ephesians 2:10). To spread His love in a way that is uniquely you (Romans 14:8).

But it’s not an easy road. Not just because it might be unpopular. It’s sometimes difficult to see. Hard to know the next step. Moving forward in faith is scary. Often, more scary than just remaining in one place even if that place isn’t that great. It might be comfortable or convenient, but it’s just where you are, not where you’re meant to stay.

I think that I prefer to remain in the spot I know rather than moving into the unknown. It’s easier to remain in the boat than to step out and realize that you, too, can walk on water (Matthew 14:29).

Sure, that’s not the whole story. We’re probably familiar with how Peter got nervous, took his eyes off Jesus, and began to sink (Matthew 14:22-33). But Jesus was right there. The moment Peter cried out to Him, Jesus rescued him.

If we trust in Him, Jesus will do great things in us and through us.

It’s not about never doubting. Faith is a journey. A road I travel on and wrestle with. It’s asking questions, finding answers, and learning about the Creator of the universe. There’s always more for me to discover and discern.