Holding onto Hope


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As the year winds down, I can’t help but wonder where 2019 went. Not that it was a bad year, just that it seems to have rushed by. And I find myself wondering if I stopped to enjoy the little things along the way. Mostly, did I help people know their value and worth simply for who they are as children of God?

It can be hard, especially when I’m having a bad day to not grow impatient or to just rush through the work day to get to a place where I can just relax and shut every thing out for a few moments. But even when we’re weary, Christ wants us to continue to do the proper thing, the right thing (Galatians 6:9). That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Especially when or if you feel like you’re pouring out into others but no one is pouring back into you.

The great thing about the gift of God’s grace is that we can’t earn it. He simply pours it out upon us. We just have to accept it. We need only open it and find love in abundance.

I know, for me, at least, when despair grips me, when I try to face it alone, I falter. But when I face it with family, a friend, a fellow Christian–you know, the people God placed in my life for that purpose–or sit in Eucharistic Adoration, then I find hope once more.

That elusive, fleeting that I’m more than just a cog in a machine. More than just a paycheck or a faceless automaton. I am made for more. To do more. To be more. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I have an eternal home. The same is true of you.

I hope that I can truly take this to heart the rest of 2019 and carry it into 2020. Because I’d rather not look back next December with perfect hindsight and regret the moments I could have shown someone they matter. They are worthy to love and be loved. That they¬† have value for who they are.

And when I get discouraged, I hope I’ll remember where my help comes from.