There’s a line in J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek that sticks with me.  It’s from Nero.  When Captain Pike asks him if he’s with the Romulan Empire, Nero responds, “We stand apart.”  The delivery is just great.  But it reminds me of something different.

“We are to be of this world, but not in it.”  I’ve heard that and read it countless times; but I don’t think I’ve ever truly lived it.  I may not have ever even understood it…at least not in great depth.

The main problem, for me, comes in the fact that we are part of this world yet called  to a better one.  How can I still live in this world knowing a better one is out there?  I mean, why must I remain here?

Perhaps “here” is the forge, tempering steel in the fire.  If we cannot praise God on Earth, where it is difficult, how can He expect us to praise him in Heaven when it is easy?