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It’s the defining characteristic of being Christian.  It’s why God became man.  It’s the central theme of the Gospel.  Yet, often, I feel we sweep past it in our attempt to study Scripture or discern how to live a Christian life in modern times, or fight against whatever issue we feel infringes upon our civil liberties.

But, love is the point.  Love makes it all worthwhile.  Love binds us together as a community of believers.  We’re not just Christians, we’re God’s children, we’re family.  Sure, family members fight with each other, often don’t speak for varying periods of time, hardly ever get along; but you can always count on family to have you back.  How much more does that hold true for God and His family?

I just feel that as much as we don’t show our love for our own families, we don’t show our love for our spiritual families.  Not with tithes, but with words and deeds. How often do our words tear down instead of build up?

Everything we do should be based out of love.  Certainly that can be perverted and abused.  But then, is it really true love or something different, something twisted?

If we are truly Christians, we should follow Christ’s example and love everyone.  Love our neighbors as ourselves.  You want someone to wave to you as you drive past, wave first and smile.  You want someone to accept you for who you are, accept them as they are.

This world is filled with so many things that try and tell you what love is.  But we know what love is.  Yet, still we don’t show it.  We let other things get in the way, other ideas of love come first.

I should always remember that God is love.  I only need to reflect Him to show love.