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We know that God is love (John 4:8) therefore, God cannot hate.  He cannot be anything but what He is.  Hatred is the opposite of love and therefore has no place in God.  Why do we then attempt to bring it into union with Him?

We know that sin separates us from God (Isaiah 59:2).  But, does that mean God hates sin?  I would argue, no.  Sin is a human condition, a choosing to do what is ungodly, unrighteous.  We sin when we turn away from God.  God doesn’t turn away from us.

If we look as far back as the first sin, Adam and Eve hid from God.  God didn’t hide from Adam and Eve; He went looking for them, as He always had from the moment of their creation, He desired to walk with them.  He desires to walk with us.  How amazing is that?  How unworthy am I that the Lord of Creation would seek me out and want to walk with me.

No wonder I hide.  No wonder I turn away.  We often think that in order to meet with God when He seeks us, we must be perfect; but that is not the case, cannot be the case.  We will never be perfect by ourselves.  We cannot make ourselves perfect and thus cannot meet God.

But, our sins were, are, and will be washed away by God’s grace.

We try to bring God down to our level, to understand the unknowable.  To pervert perfect love with hatred.  But God cannot be anything other than Himself.  God is love.  In a heart filled with love, there is no room for hate.  If we allow Jesus Christ to fill our hearts, we will be filled with love.

It is not an easy thing, to live without hate.  Even harder to live without judgment or dislike; yet, it is neither our place to judge nor our place to condemn.  We were not made to hate, but to love.  And while the message of love may get twisted by society, we, as Christians, should be the truest example of love, since we receive grace and forgiveness daily.

I know what it is to be loved.  Why, then, is it so hard for me to show it?