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As a verb:

  1. to train (a worker, athlete, etc.) to be proficient at different, usually related, skills, tasks, jobs, etc.
  2. (of an athlete) to train in more than one sport.
  3. to learn different, usually related, tasks, skills, jobs, etc.

As a noun:

to learn different, usually related, tasks, skills, jobs, etc.

Ever wonder why that annoying coworker was put in your work group?  No doubt, your first thought is as punishment; I know mine is.  What about that driver who cuts you off?  Don’t you want to follow them and return the favor?  I sometimes do.  Not that I follow through with that thought.  But, isn’t it become almost a mantra for Christians that “everything happens for a reason”?

Perhaps it is just God’s way of preparing you for a greater purpose.  A greater task.   Perhaps it is cross training.  Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23)

If we look at it from a different angle, life takes a whole new meaning.  Our lives are not meant to serve us, but to serve Him.  Not that I do a great job at it.  I can be pretty selfish sometimes.  Most times.

But, if we extend to others just a bit more patience, a bit more grace, then perhaps we can begin to understand God.  Understand how much He sacrificed for us.  But it is only a beginning.  To fully know God is a challenge, a task, that takes more than a lifetime.  It takes an eternity.