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Reading through the chronicle of Moses has gotten me thinking…I am very similar to Pharaoh, King of Egypt.  He is used to having his own way, as we all are, at least in certain things.  He refuses to do what God asks.  He requires signs and miracles to believe.  Yet, still, he hardens his heart.

How often do I act in a similar manner?  If God sent someone into my life to tell me to do something or act differently, I probably wouldn’t readily accept the change.  Especially, if I didn’t know the person was from God; though Pharaoh know, we do not always.

Even after show why this change would be beneficial, I am used to my own way, my routine.  It takes much to move us out of our comfort zones, does it not?  And yet, it is usually for our own good that a change happens, even if it is not readily apparent.

However, even after agreeing, sometimes I back out.  I get cold feet, a headache, an upset stomach.  New things, new ways of acting, new habits are scary.  New situations out of our comfort zones inherently make us nervous.  But, if we don’t push ourselves, we won’t grow.  We will never know whether we can do something or not without attempting it.  Some things, I know I cannot do, like fly; however with proper training I could fly an airplane.

God speaks to us, often through other people, and asks us to move.  Sometimes it is a subtle shift and other times it is a momentous undertaking; but should we not trust God has the best of intentions?  Does He not love us more than we can imagine and wish to show us true happiness?

But trusting does not come easy when we are scared.  Instead, we harden our hearts and chose to do things our own way.  At least, I do.  And Pharaoh did, too.  So, um, I guess, I’m in good company?