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I find myself pondering the song, “Worthy of My Praise”.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the song; but I’m more inclined to think, “Who Am I?” (in keeping with the song theme for a moment).  I mean, God is God and I am just a single person.

Yet, when considering more deeply the things that are held as praiseworthy: career success, athletic prowess, intellectual achievement, stature, wealth, power, fame, etc. all pale in comparison to God.  Yet, we strive toward achieving them.  Often, even placing them before God.

None of these things are inherently bad.  In fact, many would argue that they are the basis of very good goals.  Yet, this stuff is not worthy of worship.

I don’t necessarily think it’s wrong to attempt to achieve greatness; I believe God wants us to be great.  However, achieving greatness does not mean placing things before God.  A lesson I often forget.

It is easy for me to get caught up in doing something my way or going to work and acting the same as usual or the same as everyone else.  But shouldn’t I act different?  Shouldn’t I be different?  I know the truth, but don’t often live it in my daily life.

If God is the only thing worthy of praise, my life should reflect that.  Don’t our lives reflect what we consider the highest goal?  If we place wealth above all, we strive to become exceedingly rich.  If we place fame above all, we strive to become the most famous.  We live for others expectations.

I should strive to live for God.  To place Him first, even as I struggle to attain my own goals.  He should be the center of my life, the guiding light as I walk through darkness, yet I still find myself grasping to my own abilities and not leaning on God.  He wants what’s best for me.  He will help me and guide me to achieve my goals, maybe not on my time or in the ways I had envisioned, but His way is better for me.  His way will get me to happiness and to Heaven.  My way will only bring suffering in the end.