When did we stop chasing our dreams?  Can I look back to a particular moment when I stopped following a dream or when I gave up on a dream?  Or did it just sort of fade away?

Dreams die, but as they begin to falter, do we fight for them?

How often do we fight for what we want without pausing to understand what God wants for us?  How often do we let dreams and goals fade without even noticing?  Do I let God fall away from my life without noticing?

It’s easy, and often habit, to turn to God in times of need or when life throws you a difficult challenge.  But do we turn to him in our daily lives?  Do we give Him our hopes and dreams while we still strive for them?

Or do we wonder where our purpose went after letting go of our dreams and only then ask God what He wants from us, where He wants us to go, and what He has planned for our lives?

It is difficult to remain focused on a dream during hard days.  It is easy to strive for a goal when you feel like it.  It is commonplace to turn to God when the world knocks us down.  It is less likely to remain with God all the time.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.  God wants me to give Him my daily life, my hopes and dreams, my goals, my obstacles.  He has a purpose for me.  Why wouldn’t my hopes and dreams align with His plan for me?

As long as I use my life to glorify Him, what more purpose do I need?

So, do not give up on your hopes and dreams.  Perhaps they are just God’s way of telling you what your purpose is.