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I’ve always found it interesting that just before reading from the Gospel, the priest at Mass will say, “The Gospel according to___”.  Not that it’s bad to know where the passage comes from; it just got me thinking.  Especially, because one of them is named John.  So, when he reads from the Gospel of John, he says, “A reading from the Gospel according to John”.  Which makes sense to me because he’s John and he’s reading it.

But, perhaps that’s just me looking at something too deeply?  But aren’t we supposed to be witnesses to the Gospel in our daily lives?  Shouldn’t I try to live out the Gospel’s message every day?

Not that I manage to, but I’m not perfect.  Still, I should strive to emulate the One who created me.

However, if I am to be truly honest with myself, the best representation of the Lord’s message I can give is to love my neighbor as myself.  To place God first before all things and love Him first above all things.  And to live my life as though it is a Gospel according to me.  Not the easiest of tasks.

But, then, who ever said life was supposed to be easy?  Aren’t most quotes about how the good things in life come to those who work hard and earn them?  Maybe.  But, sometimes, I’d like to take the easy way…even if I know it won’t benefit me in the end.

So, trudge on through the difficult route.  It will all be worth it in the end.  Follow your path courageously.