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God is love (1 John 4:8).  Love is the opposite of hate.  To claim that God can hate His creations is folly.  God can hate sin; but sin is a distortion of man’s purpose.  Sin is a separation from God.  Our purpose is to love God and one another.

How can we say God hates when we know God is love?  How can we hate when we know it is the exact opposite of God?

Very easily.

We have that choice.  We choose what to do each moment.  Whether we do good or not is a choice.  We have freewill, we can choose God or choose sin.

Should we stand up against sin?  Should we revel in sin?

Why do people turn away from God?

I believe we are all searching for something.  I am searching to fill an emptiness.  A hole, an  ache that cannot be filled in this world.  Pagans sought it, too.  But, they filled it with their gods.  When we drink and party, we don’t worship Bacchus, Aphrodite, or Eros.  We worship ourselves.

Would it make a difference if we were pagan?

We know better.  We know the proper way.  We know the right path.  Yet we turn away from it.  Not because it is hard, but because we are stubborn and we choose ourselves before others.

Society may want to say all things are permissible.  And that’s fine, civil society is not religion.  Civil laws and religious laws are supposed to be separate (according to the US Constitution).  But, morality is still morality.  People are still people.

We are still told not to judge.

In the Old Testament, God appointed judges over the Israelites.  He did not appoint everyone as judge.  In the New Testament, Jesus said that the measuring rod we use will be used against us (Matt 7:2).  Well, I’m screwed.  For example, I judge people on how they look and I am far from a Calvin Klein model.

The whole of the community is not called to judge.  There is just one Judge and He is just.

Just as we do not want someone telling us how to live, why do we tell others how to live?  Morality does not change with perspective.  What is good is good and what is sin is sin.  We just have the opportunity to choose.

The Catholic Church teaches that there are varying levels of sin.  But, if I don’t commit a cardinal sin, am I better than someone who does?  The Protestant Churches teach that all sin is equal.  Therefore, are we not all sinners in need of grace?

Why then to we rally against the killing of the unborn, but not against the killing of convicted criminals?  Are not both murder?  Why do we rally against hate in all its forms, but permit judgmental attitudes?

We are all sinners.  We are all in need of grace.  We can pray for others.  We can pray for ourselves.  But, until someone realizes that the emptiness they feel can only be filled with God, we are simply bystanders.  We can share God, but if we truly want to share God, we must do it with love and out of love.  There is no place for hate in God.

Prayer cannot convert someone.  Prayer can open someone’s heart to experience God in a new way.  We cannot force someone to change.

But, we can stand up against immorality.  But what would that even look like?