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There’s something cathartic about expressing our guilt and our failings.  It’s why we admit to each other when we’ve done someone wrong.  At least, we try to.  We don’t always.  I know, I don’t always.

Have you ever felt weighed down by your sins?  Like you’re carrying a heavy burden?

You need not feel that.  Simply confess your sins.  God will forgive them.  He has paid the price for you already.  There is no need for you to carry your guilt.  Let him show you grace and mercy.  That is the purpose of the cross.

But, I have found that it is a blessing to go to Confession.  To tell a priest your sins and be absolved.  Not because of the priest’s power, but because of God’s mercy and grace.

The penitential act is kneeling before the Father and admitting to doing wrong, to placing myself before Him.  But, there is such a release from telling someone else our sins and our pain.

Have you ever told someone else just one of your sins?

Even if you know God has forgiven you, it’s nice to hear the words.  Reconciliation is  a reminder of God’s unfailing love for us.  It is a conscious giving of our burden (sin) to God and letting go of any guild we have over it or any attitude that I may be able to wash myself clean.

We may all be anointed priests, prophets, and kings at our Baptism, but it’s nice to run to the Father, admit our sins, and come away washed clean.

It’s truly freeing, energizing, and miraculous.

Try it.  You may never feel the same again.