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Do you ever think, “If only I ___.”?

Fill in the blank with anything.  If only I could study abroad (blonde, red-head, or brunette?).  If only I had more time or money.  If only I had the opportunity to meet a celebrity.

It doesn’t matter what the blank is.  The question still remains.

But, do you strive to achieve that longing?  Is it not easier to remain unchanged than to seek a way to accomplish a desire, especially a foolish (in the eyes of others) or difficult one?

It’s much easier to dream about a day when you could meet a celebrity than actually trying to meet one.  Because it’s so difficult to meet one…one-on-one in a non-creepy way (hint: leave the duct tape at home).

It’s easier to dream about winning a gold medal at the Olympics than putting in the hours every day to train.

It’s easier to sit on the couch than to start exercising.

It’s easier to stay in a job you don’t love than seeking out a job you might like better.

We like to stay where we are comfortable.  And that includes our faith life.  We fall into daily routines and our prayer life is no different.  At least, mine isn’t.  But that doesn’t mean our prayers will fall on deaf ears.  God knows the desires of our hearts.  He hears our cries and listens, like the loving father He is.

But just because we’re comfortable, doesn’t mean there isn’t something better out there for us.  We just need to strike out and seek it.

I think the main problem–for me, anyway–is discerning where my dreams and desires come from.  Are they from me or from God?  Am I inspired by God?

I am afraid to take the time to pray and listen to God’s response on my dreams because what if He doesn’t want the same things for me that I want.

Do all my dreams center around living comfortably with regard to money, property, family, and status?  Is there a deeper desire in my heart I am hiding, even from myself?

I think, mostly, I am concerned that my desires are too shallow.  But how can my dreams be shallow?  If I truly have dreams reaching toward the stars, are those not the desires God has given me?  Is it not my responsibility to seek out those desires and strive toward them with all I have?

If I have discerned truly what is from God and what is not, then I should press toward those goals.  The rest will fall into place.