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Too often, I look at my suffering and think, “Why me?”.  Too often, I am focused solely on myself.

What would happen if I changed the question?

Instead of asking, “Why me?” why not ask, “Why this?”

If we view struggling as a test, does it change our attitude toward it?  We are gold refined in a fire.  Without the fire, impurities remain.  Without the suffering, we don’t realize our blessings.

When I look upon my suffering with new eyes, I view it as a challenge to overcome, not a burden to weigh me down.

Suffering happens.  Life is hard.  How we handle it determines who we are and who we want to be.  I say I want to be like Jesus, but I don’t show it in my actions, words, and attitude toward my suffering.

In my times of struggle and hardship, do I turn toward God?  Do I seek His face and His will?  In my times of rest and blessing, do I turn toward God?  Do I seek His face and His will?

Life is a gift.

It is through the difficulties of life that we find out how far we can bend before breaking, we find our limits, we discover our strengths.

Let us be gold tested in fire.  I want to embrace my suffering and my struggle.  But I can’t do it alone.