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I’m spitting my game
So you’ll remember the name
Don’t do it for fame

Only one to love
It’s true He lives up above
Comes down like a dove

He’s doling out hugs
Giving to our heartstrings: tugs
Won’t squash us like bugs

Give to Caesar his due;
Keep God’s commandments.  It’s true
Your virtues are few
(But so are mine, too)

Just a simple rhyme
Not really honed out with time
I won’t be a mime

Our actions and words
Are we just polishing turds
And following herds?

Or are we showing
God’s love is really growing
(Praising the one we’re owing)
Rooftops are crowing

Welcoming the morn
His followers weep and mourn
But the veil was torn

Away the stone rolls
We can’t stop digging our holes
For whom the bell tolls?

If it is for thee
I wish it wasn’t for me
He hung on that tree

He gave of Himself
So we could be someplace else
And share in His wealth.

How do we repay
The selfless act of that day?
By shouting, “Hooray!”?

Any way we may
Or taking time out to pray?
Our conscience will fray

But do not dismay
We cannot erase that day
You know what they say:

“Jesus is our Lord
God’s Son and the spoken Word
So never be bored

“For he gave His life
That you might search for a wife
And conquer your strife.”

To your neighbor: love
And to the sinner, too: love
For you He showed love.