There is a popular phrase among Christians, you’ve probably heard it: What Would Jesus Do?  Of course it’s meant as a guiding principle for our actions.  Today, I offer a different take.  Where Would Jesus Be?

If He were to return today where would He be?  In the Gospels, it’s clear He spent the majority of His time with tax collectors and sinners.  The outcasts and undesirables.  He repeatedly rebuked the Pharisees and Sadducees.  What would that look like in our modern world?

Would He hang out with lawyers, politicians, and the poor?  Would He travel to abortion clinics and listen on suicide hotlines?  Would He stand at a pulpit in a church and preach to those already inside?

I don’t have the answers.

I just think that if He were to visit an abortion clinic, it wouldn’t be with signs.  Would He dislike the practice?  Probably.  Would He get to know the person rather than judging the act?  Maybe.  Who’s to say?

Perhaps He would visit with the maligned in our communities.  The outcasts and rejects.  Perhaps even those that modern Christianity doesn’t like.  He might eat dinner with the LGBT community.  They are after all, His creations, too.

Jesus didn’t always like how people acted.  He didn’t tolerate their sins.  But He loved them.  He got to know them.  He became our friend even though we are not worthy.  Even though I cannot imagine Him sitting and eating at my table and wanting to listen to me recount my day.  He does.

He wants us to show love to others.  His is to judge.  Ours is to spread His love.