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As you probably know, Fifty Shades of Grey debuted in theaters on Valentine’s Day.  Not so surprising.  The book masquerades as a love story, it stands to reason the movie does too.  The sad thing is, people will go see it.

OK, so I’ve never read the book [or the Twilight saga or anything by Dan Brown; I hear they’re all poorly written {though, I did once read that Ana had the personality of a wet toothbrush; but when you look at the source material–Fifty Shades originated as Twilight fan fiction (not that there’s inherently anything wrong with fanfic, I just don’t think it should get published)–it’s no wonder}], so you can take this with a grain of salt.

I do, however, think it celebrates everything that is morally grey…or downright corrupt…in our society.  Namely, the degradation of women and children.

Why do I say morally grey?  It’s not a smug link to the title.  It’s because these things have become permissible in our secular culture.  You only need to see the number of abortions committed each year or the dollars spend on pornography to see my point.

If we, as Christians [not the main character/villain in Fifty Shades of Grey] are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves, what happens when none of us are whole persons.  We are all damaged individuals.  We all seek answers.

The world tells us we can’t, we shouldn’t, and that there’s an easier way.  We, like fools, believe it.  If life was easy, everyone would be a bestselling author, everyone would be a billionaire, and everyone would be boundlessly happy.  That isn’t the case.  Life is hard all around.

Fortunately, we have someone in our corner who knows that.  Someone who’s been through life, been tempted, and even beaten, yet still remained whole and perfect.  Even when we feel alone, He is with us.  Always.

Life is what you make it.  Only God will judge you in the end.  Not how I wish, not how you want, not how anyone or anything else claims; only how He wills.  There may be a better way, we just need to strive toward it.