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That feeling you get right after leaving Confession and you think you might have forgotten something… “Bless me Father, it’s been five minutes since my last Confession…”

It doesn’t matter whether you actually forgot something.  It’s hard for us to reconcile with the new-found joy we’re experiencing, this lightness.  We’re so used to carrying around burdens and baggage, regardless of what kind or how heavy.  It’s part of the struggles of this life.

We can’t imagine anyone or anything taking that from us.  Yet, God does.  He wants to.

Often, I have a hard time relinquishing it.  I enjoy it.  I earned it, so I fight to keep it.  However, it’s causing a rift.  Even if I can’t see it.

Why don’t we run to the foot of the cross?

  • Fear?
    We think what we’ve done is too terrible to forgive
  • Comfort?
    We’ve grown used to the things we carry
    We like the self-loathing and depression, low self-esteem and insecurity.  We’ve grown used to it, it’s an old friend
  • Anger?
    How could I have done that?
  • Embarrassment?
    I have to admit this to someone? …Nope, no thanks

I doubt it matters how long it’s been.  Or what you’ve done.  In fact, I know it doesn’t.  God loves you.  He loves me.  He loves all of us.  Return to Him.  He’s waiting.  Without judgement, without hesitation.  He yearns to forgive and welcome you home.