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When did responsibility become a bad word?  There’s rhetoric against it that many of us buy into every day.  Taking responsibility for our actions isn’t cool.  We don’t need to.  There’s always a way out.

The pro-choice side wants you to forget that the purpose of sex is procreation.  The end result of sex is pregnancy.  It can happen to (almost) any couple at anytime.  But, we’re constantly bombarded with the idea that women should have the right to choose what happens to their bodies.  As if the act of sex isn’t a choice.  As if humans are just animals, driven by instinct and urges, without thoughts, feelings, and decision-making facilities.

Socialists want everyone to earn an equal wage.  They want to help the poor and hamper the rich.  Not necessarily a bad thing (helping the poor); however, they’d take our freedoms from us to do so.  They think we aren’t willing to help the poor, we aren’t able to work hard, we should expect someone to give us everything we cry for.

We sit and watch as our society molds itself into a culture of me.  A culture of want.  A culture where desire rules the day and we expect demand everyone take responsibility except ourselves.

We lash out against corruption in politics, in law enforcement, in countless other places except in our own selves.

If I make a mistake, I don’t want to own up to it.  But, it feels one hundred percent worse if I let someone else take the fall.  Liberals will allow you to think of yourself as a fragile pane of glass that the tiniest pebble will shatter.  We are stronger than that.  Our self image isn’t defined by others.  It’s defined by the author and creator of life.  He knows how strong you are; allow yourself the opportunity to see it, too.