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Justice Scalia died at the beginning of this week and how we, as a country, responded was shameful.  People everywhere came out of the bushes to flood the internet with articles condemning his conservative stance.  Within an hour, the internet quickened its fevered pace to dismember his contributions.

At the GOP debate that night, they offered a moment of silence.  But, that’s all he got.  Even among fellow conservatives, they turned him into a talking point.

While I understand it’s important.  Whoever eventually fills his seat decides which party has the majority on the court, can’t we just give the man and his family 24 hours?

Regardless of your political opinions, a man just died after serving his country in the best way he knew how: upholding the words of the Constitution.

Found on Kathy O’Donell‘s Facebook page

Yet, social media gleefully rejoiced.  Grateful that such a bigot would die.  The words were harsh, especially from a group of people who identify as “liberal, pro-choice, against bigotry and prejudice, progressive, and enlightened”.

To be fair, partisan politics isn’t exactly doing wonders for our country’s ability to get along with each other.  With polarizing issues and opinions on both sides flooding our media.  However, I find it interesting that life means so little to others if we’ve slighted them in some way.

Our ability to forgive has diminished.  A small sample of how our global society is breaking and how we are all sinners.

My sin, you sin.  No one is greater or lesser.  “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3:23)  It just pains me to see it, to confront it, to be bombarded by it in such a way.

You never want society to crumble.  But, maybe, without the love of God, it will.  Without us extending grace and compassion to those who hate us how can we expect forgiveness?  (Matt. 6:12)

I know I’m a sinner.  I know when I die someone might mourn, I just hope that someone rejoices.  Not because I’ve lived such a good life or such a plain life; not rejoicing because I’m gone, I wouldn’t wish that at the death of my greatest enemy.  Rejoice the war is over, the struggle finished, that you know I’ll find my way home to eternal rest.

It’s a sad testimonial to our country when we’ve allowed ourselves to be blinded to the pain of others and praise God when a fellow human being dies.