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At morning Mass today, the priest said something that resonated with me.  “We’ve become so accustomed to the sacrifice God made for us.”  He went on to discuss how big God is and recommended watching “How Great is Our God”, a speech by Louis Giglio.

It’s pretty long, but if you have 40 minutes to watch it, here it is:

Sure, a lot of us have seen The Passion, the movie directed by Mel Gibson, we all know the narrative surrounding Easter.  But, the point, I think the priest wanted to make was how unfathomable God is, how great His love is for us, and how improbable it is that He would care about us in such a vast universe…and, yet, He does.

Too often, perhaps, we forget about that.  We forget just how big God is, yet he came to Earth for us.

As Easter fast approaches [only one Sunday left in Lent], perhaps we need to be reminded, not of God’s suffering, but of the enormous gift He’s given us.  The gift of a relationship with Him, the author of all life.

Don’t let yourself become complacent with your faith, with the fact that God died for you.  I’m not saying that you need to rush out and watch The Passion of the Christ.  I’m not even saying you need to do anything other that reset your focus for Holy Week and attempt to wrap your head around the greatness of God’s redeeming love.

Good luck.