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Lately, I’ve been confronted with the idea that we need to be bold in our faith.  From Peter’s example of stepping out of the boat (Matt 14:29), to the image of a merchant selling all he has to buy a pearl (Matt 13: 45-46), to this morning’s sermon from Father Bryan to dive in and not test the water with a toe.  God wants us to trust Him, to rely on Him, and to show Him to the world.

He has great things in store, if we just trust Him.  We don’t need to prove ourselves, we don’t need to prepare, we just need to have faith the size of a mustard seed.  God will do the rest.

His plan may not be readily apparent.  It may scare you.  It may look strange to others.  God wants you to know that He loves you.  He wants you to show others that He loves them.

Our society is full of broken people.  People living moment to moment, paycheck to paycheck, and not looking beyond their own interests.  It’s also full of people afraid for the future, people fighting for anything and everything just to get their voice heard.  God hears you.  He knows what’s in your heart.  He loves you anyway.  He loves you no matter what.  He constantly, continually, always reaches for you.

How we respond is the key.

Do we let Him embrace us?  Do we allow Him to show us grace?  Do we step out of the boat, onto the crashing waves?

Our comfort zones are safe havens.  They’re our Midian.  God wants us to go to Egypt (Exodus 3).  But, the good great thing is, God calls us and equips us.  He won’t lead us into something without the tools and skills necessary to accomplish the task.

If you can’t stand doing something, odds are God won’t ask you to do it…but, He might if He knows you’ll be amazing at it.  Your gifts and talents align to serve God and show His love to the world.  We’re all unique, we’re all given something that allows us to showcase the beauty and splendor of God.

It doesn’t have to be in big ways.  We aren’t all called to become priests, nuns, monks, etc.  We are all called, in our baptism, to witness to God’s love.

Before we can show others God’s love, however, we must first accept it for ourselves.  We must realize and know that God has forgiven our sins and will continue to, He has given us grace, and He has blessed us with the gifts needed to accomplish bringing Him to others.

So, get out of your own way and jump.  You may not fly, but you’ll definitely make a splash.