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Many of us know and pray the “Our Father“, the prayer based on the one given to the apostles by Jesus (Matt 6: 9-13).  But, let’s focus on the “lead me not into temptation” part.

Do we give up our freewill when we ask God to lead us on the paths of righteousness?  Will God forbid us from finding ways to fall into sin?

I feel that life is a lot like browsing the internet.  When we turn safe search off, a warning pops up on the screen to make sure that we want to continue.  We know what’s behind that warning.  Searching the internet without a safe search is like roaming the Wild West; it’s a wilderness full of danger, mystery, and intrigue.  There is life there, but there’s also death.

Just like we chose to hit “I understand” and continued without the buffer to keep us “safe”, God allows us to wander the world with freewill.  He still nudges us when we choose a path that will lead to sin, but it’s our choice to turn back.

He may not lead us to temptation, but that doesn’t mean we won’t stumble upon it.

This isn’t a PSA telling you how to search the internet or even how to live your life.  I just…we need to tread lightly in this world.  It is dark and full of terrors.  If we aren’t on our guard, if we aren’t listening for God’s nudge, we may just walk right off a cliff.

Easy to say, harder to do.  Like most things in life.

When you need help, call on Him.  He is there.  He never leaves your side.  He will carry you.  Struggles and burdens may weigh us down, but God wants to help, we need only ask.  He’s waiting, calling out to us.  Turn toward Him.