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I often need to remind myself that I need grace.  Even though it’s obvious.  I find myself forgetting it, especially when looking at other people.  Not necessarily comparing myself to them, sometimes just talking to them.

As Jesus said, “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a person to enter heaven” (Matt 19:24).  I know what you’re thinking: I forgot the word “rich”.  True.  However, I think it’s because we’re all rich.  At the very least, those of us with the ability to read this blog.

Now, I’m certain that a professor of religious studies could write a dissertation on that passage alone; that’s not my plan.

I simply want to point out what Jesus said when Peter asked “Who can be saved?”.  “With man it is impossible.  With God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26)

That’s an interesting thing to consider.  I know it’s a popular mantra/platitude/slogan/whatever, but it should still be very good news for us.

As sinners, we need to be saved by grace.  Without grace and forgiveness, mercy and healing, we remain separated from God.

Maybe you’re okay with that.  Maybe you think God can’t or won’t help you.  But, I couldn’t be more wrong.  God reaches out to us, constantly.  All we need to do is reach toward Him.

Nothing we do cleanses us enough to approach God.

Yet, He longs for us.

If I’ve received grace, shouldn’t I then show it?  Yeah…I’m still working on that.  Everything we do should point toward God.  We should work toward the glory of God.  Sure, we may be stuck in a dead-end job or with people we can’t stand, but our attitudes should reflect the God who loves us.

For those of us who reach Heaven, Earth is the closest we get to seeing Hell.  For those of us who reach Hell, Earth is the closest we get to seeing Heaven.  Perhaps, we should try to shine a bit more light into our dark world…if only to try and make it a better place.