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Bad things happen. This world is broken. We all know that. Unfortunately, knowing it and living with it are two very different things. How can we explain the hate that fills some hearts? Should we try?

Strive to rise above. Show love. Keep working, pushing, reaching. What makes you normal? What makes you unique? We should celebrate our differences, not homogenize the world.

Those who have light, put it on a hill. Those who don’t, look toward the mountain top. The climb looks impossible from the bottom, but you can reach the summit. We’ve all been at the base. Few risk reaching upward.

Stretch yourself. Set goals, attain them, set more.

In all things, show love. Together, we can make sure hate will never win.

We have the perfect example to follow. Jesus showed us the way. He took your place, he tools mine. He fought against the adversary, defeated death.

Since we’ve received love, let’s pass it on.