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I think, at least for me, that too often we forget how much God has given.  Or rather, we forget to thank him for his mercy, grace, and providence.  I don’t mean that we need to sit down and tally a list of everything we’re thankful for.  There isn’t a need to count our blessings.

Instead, I think we need to come to a better understanding of how God can and does permeate our lives.  He is always around us.  He flows through our day in the people we meet and the lives we interact with.

Sure, you may not think He’s dwelling within the driver who cut you off, but perhaps He wants you to learn to be more forgiving or more patient or to leave a bit earlier so you aren’t rushed.

It may be easy to see Him in the face of those who love you.  It may be easy to see that you are blessed when you’re cooking or playing or relaxing, but do we notice He’s still with us when our minds our troubled?  (Hebrews 13:5)

God stays by our side.  Even if we don’t desire Him.  Even if we feel far from Him.  He continues to reach out.

Today is the feast day of St. Martha.  Everyone overlooks her and says, “Be like Mary.”  Martha’s sister Mary focused herself on Jesus while Martha prepared to receive Him as a guest.  We don’t need to be just Mary, intent only on the face of God.  We don’t need to be solely like Martha, fussing until our house is in order before greeting God.  We need a balance of both.

Too often, however, we sweep aside Martha in favor of Mary.  Instead of taking to heart the message of Martha, “There’s still work to be done”.  One of our greatest blessings as Christians is knowing the risen Lord.  And, since we know Him, we ought to share Him.  Instead of sitting at His feet, instead of preparing a place for Him, however, we labor and languish.  We focus on ourselves and not on others.  We try to get ours instead of looking at all we have and giving back.

We are sitting on our hands instead of using them to lay them upon others.