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We all know that Jesus said He is the light of the world  (John 8:12). We are also aware of His teachings on light (Matt 5: 13-16). But have we ever taken a closer look at light?

First, light is bright. It illuminates what is hidden. It shows us that it in stronger than the dark.

Second, it’s a beacon. It draws people to it. It brings people together. It grows larger the closer you get to it.

Third, it’s warm. Light dispels the cold.

A lamp has long symbolized knowledge on college crests, some I find that fitting to learn more about light.

As Christians, we are called to show light the others. What does that mean?

We are beacons of the truth. We are still striving for it ourselves, however. More than just beacons, we are called to be loving. To show love to all. The familiar, 1 Cor 13, love. Not the physical intimacy the world considers love, but He who is love. We are also to illuminate the truth, to chase away the dark and fear, and to live in the light.

Not an easy thing.

Personally, I am great at hiding the light or making it so hot that it sears any who get close.