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One of the radio stations I listen to has another station on a similar bandwidth.  Sometimes the two overlap, other times one is stronger than the other and drowns out its competition completely.  It shouldn’t surprise me that one is a Christian station and the other is not.

In a world where so many things struggle for our attention, time, and concern, how can we know exactly which path to follow?  Isn’t that the question that weighs down most people?  It weight me down, at least.

Seek the still, small voice.  Sift through the clamor of your day.  Take time to meaningfully approach the Lord.  It may seem like filtering sand through cardboard, but it will be worth it.  Eventually.  I hope.  It may not be apparent in the moment or even once you’ve finished, but it might be.  The world tells us we need instant gratification.  We want everything now, faster, and five minutes ago.  We want easy solutions to complex problems, simple answers, and understandable resolutions.

Unfortunately, what I want and what I get are often at odds.

I need to take time to stop and listen.  To park myself in that sweet spot where my car can pick up the Christian radio station best and I can just sit and smile.

It’s not easy to carve out a few minutes in a hectic day.  But, if we are intentional in the attempt, it will be worth it.  You don’t need to trust me, just trust Him.