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We hear all the time that everything has a season (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8), but do we really believe it?  In the midst of despair or happiness, do we think that time will end?  Do we understand in the moment that we are merely passing through?

More often than not, I find myself wallowing in my suffering or bathing in my joy without acknowledging that it might end as quickly as it began (or quicker).  Things change; that’s one of the few constants in life.  However, that should give us hope, not dread.

We aren’t stuck where we are.  We aren’t defined by a moment.  A first impression may be difficult to break, a lasting impression harder to make, but we can continue to strive to better ourselves and others regardless of our current circumstances or how we might have failed in the past.

The moment we remain mired in self-pity or self-doubt, we refuse to allow God to work through us.  Stubborn we may be, but He will never stop loving you or wanting to use you.  The shackles that bind us may be difficult to throw off, they may weigh us down, yet we are more than capable.

We may enjoy the happiness we have, the things and people that surround us, but are we mindful of how they are a blessing to us?  Are we attempting to be a blessing to them in return?  Life is fickle.  Treat each moment as a treasure.  Regardless of where you might currently be.

Our response to life is an opportunity to show truth and love, grace and healing to those around us.  Your experiences prepare you for what is to come.  Perhaps you went through a hardship to understand how to help a friend through their own suffering.  Maybe the joy you feel is supposed to be used to spread joy to others.

We all have gifts.  We all have unique experiences.  Share them.