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Life doesn’t go as planned. We struggle to understand why. Is there a reason our plans fall apart? Is it because the Creator of the universe enjoys a good laugh at your expense? Can good come from the hurt and unknown of struggle, change, and pain?

First, I doubt God wants us to feel pain. However, since this world is broken, it’s inevitable. Some people say that our plans fall apart so God’s plan for us can come together. As nice as that may sound, the waiting is still hard.

There isn’t anything unique about your situation except that it’s yours. We all face times of doubt. We all struggle. We all collapse and refuse to get up. It’s then that we either dig deep and find the courage to keep moving forward or remain where we are, stagnant and crabby, unwilling to forgive and move.

We cannot change the world. We can change our perception of it and our place in it. The world may be broken, but I don’t have to let it break me. Hope exists alongside despair. Joy and pain share a room. We aren’t left with just doubt, depression, and disease. There’s more to life than the downsides. We just need to know how to look.

Support those around you. Not necessarily monetarily. With love and respect. We are all on a journey. Some of us walk together for a time. Sometimes I walk alone. The point is to continue placing one foot in front of the other. The darkness you’re currently in might just be leading to a beautiful sunrise.

It might take days, weeks, months, or years, you might never find relief from your pain, but don’t give up. Keep seeking. Keep fighting to win.

Without pain we could still know joy. It’d still be as sweet. But would we appreciate it? Without struggle, we wouldn’t know that this world isn’t our home. The discord we feel here is a longing for our Heavenly dwelling.

Where do you feel most at peace? What brings you joy? How can you take one small step forward today?