Here we are, another day that God has given us on Earth. Sure, you can be upset that the world is a broken place. You can focus on the negative. That’s 100% your choice. Is this world ever going to be perfect? No. However, we can choose to drop the weight that drags us down and instead uplift those around us.

Too often, we lose sight of the beauty of this world. We forget the grace and mercy we’ve been given. When we focus on what should be or could be, we forget about what is. The present is a gift. We just need to open it.

What we take in is what we give out (Matt 6:22-23). What is the message we give others?

In our stubbornness and pride, do we take away something from the Good News? Are our actions consistent with the message we want to preach?

Sometimes, I think we lose sight of the small picture. We see only the big picture, Jesus suffered and died on the cross for the sins of all. True. However, the small picture is that He did it for you. He did it for me. He did it for one. For each individual. Taken as a whole, it makes sense, you can see how the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. That’s not how God saw it. He chose to lose His life for one person.

Faith is more relational than we often allow it to be. I prefer to think of grace and mercy poured out for everyone, not just me. I don’t like to think that my sins, the times I turn away from God, are what nailed Him to the cross. Yet, His love is so amazing, so all-encompassing that He can love each of us equally and infinitely. In that moment, as He hung from the cross, He died once for all; He also died for you, personally. He chooses to give grace and mercy to you.

The author of this world finds worth in you. How can I gaze upon the world with negativity, if that’s my guiding light?

Yes, there are a lot of bad things in this world. Yes, there are many things to worry about and care about; yet, God knows what we need. He will provide (Luke 12: 6-7).

What is holding you back from trusting Him?