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I find it ironic and slightly humorous, but mostly sad, whenever I see or hear “God hates ____”. In the Bible we learn that “God is love” (1 John 4:8).

I’ve always felt that hate is the opposite of love…though you could argue that love’s opposite is apathy. But, for the purposes of this post, let’s simply look at the former.

God desires a relationship with us. Christians often consider the Church to be the bride of Christ. He continually pursues us.

However, if the pursuit is only one dimensional, it feel odd. No one likes a stalker, but that’s not the proper way to look at God’s pursuit of us. He is the friend who is constantly there for you without having to ask. He will stand up for you and remain by your side through everything. Even when I turn my back on Him.

He is not dependent upon me. His love isn’t conditional. If I don’t love Him, He still loves me.

However, I need to pursue Him. When you’re in a relationship, does one person chase and the other run? Is there not some give and take?

When you first are attracted to someone, that feeling isn’t love. It’s just a beginning. At the start of a new relationship, you search out the other person and learn about them. You accept them for who they are ordering you don’t. The choice is yours.

God always accepts us where we are. He seeks us out. But that doesn’t mean that He wants us to remain there. He accepts us, but also wants what’s best for us. As the perfect example of love, He cannot be around someone who doesn’t choose Him. Even though it breaks His heart.

I often think that we Christians are the best and worst examples of God’s love. We are the most visible expression of His love; unfortunately, we are all flawed in our execution of love.

How would you be different if you pursued God the way you pursued a significant other?