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Have you ever noticed that it doesn’t take long for a young child, while eating, to want to share with you? They are enjoying a meal and want you to be part of it. They don’t care that the cracker is wet or their fingers sticky; they just smile and offer it to you.

Perhaps that is part of the reason Jesus tells us to have faith like children (Matt 18: 2-5). But only part. The other part is that a child fully depends on their parent. Just as we should fully rely on God.

As we grow older, however, we forget how to share. We become enamored with things. We want more, we want what’s due to us, we desire to keep what we have. Children need to be taught how to share toys just as we need to be taught how to share Jesus.

But, it should come naturally. We should share Him as easily as a toddler shares food. He is, after all, our spiritual food. He sustains us in our weakness and strengthens us in our despair. Yet, we hide Him away like something to be ashamed of.

We don’t let His love, truth, mercy, and grace shine through us in all that we do and say. Our witness falls flat at times because we’re scared of rejection. However, rejection isn’t about us. If you share Jesus with someone who doesn’t want Him, they aren’t rejecting you, they’re rejecting Him.

Confidently live out His truth and love. Let Him shine forth through you. Share Him, even without words. Let others see Him when they see you.

In this season of Christmas, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed with the holiday preparations that we lose sight, monetarily, of the importance of and the reason for the season. Even though we see reminders everywhere. We still need to learn how to share. Every day, we need to practice. I need to practice or I forget how to do it or why it’s important.