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Its seems, to me, Christmas ends so quickly. December 26th, the season’s over. The stores stop playing Christmas carols–to the relief of the employees–and we return to our normal lives. Even the snow melted this year.

Sure, it’s nice to not have the hectic running around before the holiday rush. Of course, you miss the friends and family you just saw. But, there’s something else. You no longer have that expectation, the joy that comes only from waiting.

Kids enjoy Santa precisely because he makes them wait for gifts and then delivers. The delivery is key. Without it, Santa breaks his promise and the wonder surrounding him vanishes.

Do we have that same sense of wonder toward Jesus during the holiday season? And what breaks His hold on us once the celebration of His birth passes?

Perhaps it’s because we don’t have anything to physically hold. We know the stories, we’ve heard them countless times; they may even still hold meaning for us, but there’s something different when we hold a gift in our hands.

Just because He arrived in a manger in Bethlehem 2,000+ years ago doesn’t mean He didn’t gift us anything this year. Instead of counting our blessings, however, let’s instead try to focus on His continual promise: that He will return.

Our home is not this Earth, though we should treat it like a precious gift. Our hope is not for presents that tarnish and fade or spoil and decay, though we can certainly appreciate those things. Instead,  let us strive to continue to keep that same wonder all throughout the year. The same joy, they same love toward neighbor, that same expectation of good things to come.