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A lot of people spend a lot of time wondering if what they’re doing is what they’re supposed to be doing. Often, I think, we feel that our vocation is our career. Sometimes it works out that way, but sometimes, it doesn’t.

We are all created by God with different gifts. He formed us for a purpose. It’s up to us to discern what that purpose is. We might find the answer on our knees in adoration, we might find it walking through the woods, we might find it in the solitude of a quiet afternoon. We just need to ask, seek, and begin to look.

Once you know your gifts and have found your calling, life isn’t going to be without problems or pain. You’re still living on Earth. Life isn’t perfect. Even if you knew your vocation at six, you’d still struggle through it at twenty-six.

Life’s a journey. We walk one path for a while then it forks or maybe you hit a dead end or have to hop a fence or crawl through the weeds; just keep moving forward. We need not labor for our blessings, God will provide; however, we can’t sit idle and wait. We are supposed to use our gifts to showcase God’s love, grace, and truth.

Like the men who tore through a roof to lower the paralytic to Jesus, we are meant to have bold faith. Risky faith.

The answers may not come easily. The path may not be open before you. Continue to search. Continue to grow in holiness. Eventually, you’ll stumble upon your true calling. It may not make you millions of dollars, but it will bring you and, more importantly, others joy. You will find something that sings within the deepest part of your soul. Contentment will seep into you and you will know peace.