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We chase so hard after things. We spend our time toiling for worth. We hope to find who we are in our jobs, in our possessions, in our stuff. At least in consumer-driven America. The urge to have more incessantly creeps on the edge of our consciousness. We constantly compare ourselves to others.

For what benefit?

We aren’t just a clerk at the coffee shop. We’re more than the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. We weren’t meant to labor for meaningless paper, scrounging for scraps of happiness. We are made for more.

Life is about moments. How we live in them or let them pass by. More than that, we are defined by moments. What we do when no one watches is just as important as what we do when people look.

We can stand up for what we believe in. We can fight for justice. But how we do it matters.

God asks us to surrender fully to Him. But what does that really mean? Are we living for ourselves or are we living as though we know this world is not our home? We can be global citizens and still long for a better place. We can fight for a better Earth while longing for the next.

We are created for a purpose. Whether we allow our gifts to flourish within us is up to us. We can procrastinate, we can hide them, and we can look for an escape or we can use them to point people back to the author of love.

We are meant for more. We are meant to be greater. Not the way the world judges those things, but we are supposed to be better. So instead of lamenting what you don’t have, be glad for what you do have. Use it to help.

The world needs more givers, not more takers.