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There are times I feel like I’m done. I just don’t want to grow anymore. Not taller, personally. No one wants to grow wider or shorter. I’ve reached a point where I can look back and say, “Look how far I’ve come”. Inevitably, someone will direct my attention forward again and remind me how much farther I still need to climb.

Some of us are lounging at base camp. Some still hiking through the foothills. Few of us have ever climbed the mountain. “But,” you say, “I’ve walked across the entire country to get here”. That’s all well and good, but if our goal is to become holy (Matt 5:8), there is still much to do. We can’t stop here, no matter how much we want to.

There are days when it seems impossible. Staring upward at the summit, I wonder if I’ll ever make it. I may not. That’s not the point. Life isn’t about reaching some place or goal. Life is about Christ (Philippians 1:21).

If you’re only doing good in an attempt to repay Christ for His sacrifice. Stop. You’ll never do enough, be enough, give enough to repay the debt. That isn’t the point. Then why even try? Because faith without works is meaningless (James 2:26)? Because we’re supposed to make disciples of all nations(Matthew 28:19)? …Though our actions and words don’t always show it.

We may fail. We may stumble. We may even slip and have to climb back up paths we previously conquered. You may think God doesn’t know what that’s like since He never sinned; however, He became man. He was tempted, yet remained steadfast. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m tempted, the longer I resist, the stronger the temptation grows. I can only imagine how strong the temptations might have been for Jesus who never succumbed to their pressure.

We are imperfect vessels of perfect love. Grace and truth reflects through us as through a murky swamp. Yet, still we should press forward. Onward and upward. When I feel like stopping, someone comes and offers a hand to lift me up. I should do the same. We can only reach the top of the mountain together. Sainthood is attainable through community.

Also, why would you want to be the only saint? Why wouldn’t you want others standing by your side, grinning, as you survey the view from the mountain’s peak? Maybe one day you’ll get there. I just know it won’t be alone. Together we are strong.