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The Father loves us like the perfect parent. He only wants what’s best for us. The Son loves us like a brother. 

Brothers know each other, inside and out…usually because someone is bleeding. They spend years together and can communicate without words. My twin and I can sit silently in a room without awkwardness because we’ve grown accustomed to each other’s presence. We don’t mind sitting together quietly. 

That’s a rare skill. If you take the time to become acquainted with Jesus, you will no longer mind that silence and, eventually, maybe, you’ll learn how to listen to what He’s not saying to you instead of straining to hear a muttered whisper. 

As our brother, God loves us. He’s there for us, will pick us up when we falter, will have our backs, and defend us against anyone. Of course, that also means that He won’t take any of our crap. Isn’t it true that your siblings are the first to encourage you, the first to defend you, but also the first to humble you when you need it? …Well, at least mine are. 

If we are supposed to be our brother’s keeper, there’s no better example than Jesus. He shows not only how to forgive, but also how to rebuke with grace. He only wants to see you succeed. He just knows how much hard work you’ll need to do first. 

Fortunately, He’s walking every step beside you. He’s already done the hardest part. You only need to let Him into your life.

If everyone is our neighbor and we should treat our neighbors as ourselves, shouldn’t we treat everyone like a broken or a sister?