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Today, I’ll attempt to help us understand what might be the most difficult of the four aspects of love to grasp when it comes to relating them to God*. And I think that has a lot do do with how, as a society, we have diluted love and equated it with lust and/or gratification.

But not always.


God desires you. He longs for you. He pursues you. He created you to be in a relationship with Him. Humanity was created with a purpose, to love and to be loved (unfortunately, we often don’t live up to our full potential). When God first made Adam, He also fashioned for him a partner, Eve. The two became one (Matthew 19:5) and were commanded commissioned to raise children (Genesis 1:28).

Marriage reflects Christ’s relationship with the Church. God wants us to be united with Him so that we may become holy. Uniting with God doesn’t make us gods. It simply allows us to grasp the hand He outstretches toward us. We grow closer to Him and, therefore, closer to holiness. Our children with God are not supernatural beings like angels; rather, they are other Christians. We are called to build the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt 28: 16-20).

It doesn’t matter to God that we aren’t perfect tens. That we have faltered. That we turn away from Him. He pursues us with unflagging endurance. His commitment to us never wavered. Even when Adam and Eve listened to the serpent, ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and hid from God, He still sought them out, still yearned for them and wanted to be in a relationship with them.

Even when you fall, He still longs for you. His hand remains outstretched. You need only accept his proposal. He is waiting on bent knee, holding out His hand, offering all that He has to give.

*Though I am woefully unqualified.