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It may be subtle, it may be overt, but it is always prevalent. Our society is desensitizing us. Whether its books like George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones or E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Gray (which shouldn’t be in the same bookstore together, let alone the same sentence, but I digress) where subsequent sequels need to up the graphic nature of the content simply to continue to elicit the same shock value. Or movies like Logan (full disclosure: I enjoyed it) that could have left one scene on the cutting room floor, but would have been left without the requisite fan service we’ve come to expect from R-rated movies.

Most especially, we are crippled when it comes to close, intimate relationships. Made abundantly clear by just a passing knowledge of current divorce rates.

Not just one factor is to blame. Many try to say it’s just the idea that has mutated the marital act from am expression of love to an expression of desire. We’ve taken the most selfless gift one person can give to another and diminished it to an activity done for leisure. Society has condensed and distilled sex into something to do whenever with whomever.

It’s also obvious in our friendships. Many of us hold ourselves back. Consciously keeping parts of ourselves hidden, even from our closest friends. Often, out of fear of rejection or past hurts. If we cannot truly be ourselves, be free, with our friends, who can we be ourselves with?

I don’t even think I need to mention the rates at which we murder children. Yet, we’re supposed to see it as a good thing. We aren’t supposed to fight against abortion, just mildly accept it.

When I am ruled by my passions instead of the ruler of them, I am little better than an animal. You are called to be so much more.

But not my our culture. We are told to sit quietly while society strips away all that would make us unique. All that would differentiate one person from another. When will someone stand up and say, “Enough. Enough is enough.”?

We ferret away pieces of ourselves. Only bringing out certain aspects with certain people. We use others selfishly. We take and take and take. Yet we wonder why we feel so alone and empty.

Don’t you want more? Do you ever think that your relationship with your significant other could improve? Or that your friendships could (perhaps even should) deepen?

Depression has a grip on us, on our culture, on our society. We see the turmoil left in the wake of drastic devastation and we long to do something, but despair that the task is just too great. “Where can I even start?” you ask.

Just smile. Begin each moment consciously content. Make the choice to show love to one more person. Truly listen to those around you. Take time out of your day for family and/or friends. Seek the truest expression of love.

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Emulate Him.