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As we continue in the season of Easter, we contemplate the beautiful gift that we’ve been given. It’s not just self-reflection, however; we must decide, each one for himself or herself how to respond. Will you choose to accept the offered gift?

If we respond is, perhaps, more important than how. We each have our own talents to bring to the foot of the altar. The world needs to see the beauty we have to offer.

I know some might think that society is increasingly hostile toward the Truth. I think, however, that it yearns for authentic faith. Society pressures the individual to conform, but it latches onto anything beautiful. It even props things up that are ugly in place of true beauty because it deeply desires the beautiful.

Instead of looking inward to our own faults–though mine are many, I shouldn’t number them–we need to remember that we’re washed clean. There’s no better reminder of that than the grace of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Instead of looking at the flaws of others–far too easy and laudable in our current social paradigm–we should show grace, truth, love, and mercy.

Authentic faith is beautiful. It’s the beauty the world seeks. You may not be perfect, but you know the One who is. You may never live a perfect day, but God can work through your imperfections. Strive to emulate His love.

It is in our relationships that we showcase God. Not in our rants or our protests. You may never get to a point in your friendship with another where you will say, “I love you, but I don’t love what you’re doing”. You may, however, reach a point where they ask, “How do you do it?”.

If the goal is to unceasingly spread the Gospel, we need to display its truth and beauty through a life well lived. A holy life, sanctified by our Lord.