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Finding stillness in our daily lives seems a daunting task. So many things tug at us. School, work, kids, social media, TV, video games, books, movies, friends, family, etc. The list could go on and on and on and on and on and…well, you get the idea.

That’s what makes the words, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10) so hard. When it’s difficult to even find a moment of peace in a hectic life, it’s easy to see God as distant or unavailable or even nonexistent.

We surround ourselves with noise. Sometimes out of happenstance; things happen, life is complicated, messy, and beautiful. Sometimes out of necessity. Other times because we don’t want to stop, we can’t be still, we’re afraid of the loneliness of our own thoughts. But, we need to learn to be comfortable by ourselves if we are to learn how to listen to God.

Not just to discern His voice from ours. He may never speak directly to you. Or He might do it everyday. The point of finding stillness is to find peace. In tranquility, we can truly rest. How many of us can sleep with the TV on? If it’s a Tiger’s game, I’ll usually doze for an inning or two, but if it’s an explosion-filled car chase? Probably not. How easy is it to sleep with a crying baby in the next room?

When we find rest, we open ourselves up to the divine. We can take a moment to not only appreciate the rejuvenation that stillness brings but also the joy of seeking God.

When kneeling in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the chapel is fairly quiet. Even if there’s an event somewhere else in the church. There is a peace there not found anywhere else.

However, God will meet us where we are. If we search for Him earnestly. He wants us to find Him.