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Listening to God’s voice, straining to hear it, is often like listening to a radio. You may think you’ve tuned to the proper channel only to discover you’re out of range and need to find the local channel. Another channel may have the same frequency. Or, perhaps, you’re just listening at a time when the signal booster can’t cut through all the interference and background noise.

God will always reach out for you. No matter how many times you turn your back on Him, He is still there, waiting, calling your name. We just forget how to listen.

To be honest, we’ve forgotten how to listen in our daily lives, so it’s no surprise we’ve forgotten how to listen to God. Even kneeling in Adoration, I find myself struggling to quiet my mind and find that still, small voice.

Distractions claw at us constantly. Whether it’s daily chores that need to get done around the house, tasks at work, friends, neighbors, and family who need help, life is full of things vying for our time.

In order to find God, we need to actively seek Him out. You don’t just turn on the radio and automatically find your favorite station the first time or in a new city. You need to tune into the frequency. You might know the number, you might search the airwaves until something catches your ear, or you might just sit in silence because you grew tired of the static and turned the radio off.

Walking with God is no different than a long road trip. The station you’re listening to fades in and out. You can switch to something similar or you can struggle to hear through the static.

On the path with God, distractions try to pull us off the way, try to trip our feet, try to coerce us to a new road. As we walk on the straight and narrow, darkness may blind our eyes, we may lose sight of the path, but love will guide us.

Tune your heart daily. Seek God’s voice in Scripture, in prayer, in His presence at an Adoration chapel. Listen for Him in your room, on a walk, while you drive. He longs for you, waits for you, and calls to you.