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It takes a great deal of strength to be vulnerable, to let others in and see the person you hide from the world. For whatever reason, you think that you’re too broken for someone to like the real you or perhaps you know that people leave and it’s easier if they never knew the real you because then they’re just leaving the persona you’ve created.

We all put on faces, airs, or makeup to cover our insecurities. No one wants their faults exposed. Yet, it’s our imperfections that make us unique. Whether it’s a scar only you can see, but cover anyway or a deep, festering wound in your soul, none of us have to fight alone.

It’s easy to say, but hard to remember in our darkest moments that God has seen all our faults, knows our inmost beings and still loves us. He still died on the cross for you.

As strong as I am, I still need to lean on Him. In my weakest moments, He carries me. I may not face what you’re struggling with, I may not shrug out of things you find inconsequential, but that doesn’t make me better or worse than you. It just makes me different.

We are all beautiful, inside and out. Sometimes it takes someone else to point it out before we notice it in ourselves. Other times we know exactly.

Love reaches out for you, wants you to feel accepted, content, and enough, and will never forsake you. I may turn away from Him, but He continually, constantly holds His hand outstretched for me to grasp.

Maybe you feel you’re not worthy of love or that you need to fix yourself before you can let love in. Just know that love is always there, waiting for you to see it. God doesn’t want you when you’re perfect. He wants you as you are, to make you perfect in His love.