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It’s easy to think that God loves the world or even that He loves someone else. Often, however, I think it’s hard to fathom that God loves each of us individually. We spend so much of our days seeking affirmation, chasing likes on social media, and looking for love that we’ve become convinced that we need to earn it.

That is a lie.

If you were the only person to ever need a savior, Jesus Christ still would have came and died for you. He loves you that much. He wants to be in a relationship with you.

The great lie of the world is that we are somehow unworthy of love. Simply by existing, by breathing, by our very conception we are worthy of love.

It’s obvious if you spend time in His presence. He loves you. Sitting in Eucharistic Adoration, all my stress, anxiety, concerns fade away replaced by God’s love and peace. I can sit in His presence and feel His love envelope me. I know He feels it for me. I know He feels it for you.

No matter what you’ve done, how far you’ve strayed, what you’ve said, He will always take you back.

Run to Him. Pour out your heart to Him. He may feel distant, it make take time to hear His voice–sometimes, it’s hard to find the stillness to rest and listen; other times He just wants me to patiently wait for His timing–it seem like He isn’t listening, but He is. He wants to take your burdens, your pain, your stress, and your scars. He’ll restore you…if you let Him.

What’s holding you back from loving Him?

For me, it’s all about me. I want to solve my problems, fix myself. But I know that out of the mess I’ve made, I can’t always pick up the pieces or even know where to start. Instead, I need to take a moment, pause, and take a step back from the situation. I need to take myself out of the equation, to realize that even if I caused the mess, I can’t always fix it. At least not right away. I may not have the right words or the time may not be right to apologize or try to repair the damage. All I can do, sometimes, is wait, to listen for the subtle nudging of the Holy Spirit telling me where to move.

Is it easy? No. I am always listening? No. Do I always hear Him clearly? Hardly. Instead, I can only do my best. Pray and hope that by stepping out in faith, God will catch me. He does, just not always in the ways I expect.