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It’s hard sometimes to see your own worth. Even when you know God loves you. Maybe because of damage someone has caused you. Or damage you’ve caused yourself. Maybe you’re judging yourself on worldly standards. Or comparing yourself to another.

That’s not a fair thing to do, but I do it. Doing that–comparing myself to the world’s standards or to others–however, only leaves me feeling empty and worthless.

Halloween’s one of my favorite times of the year. It’s a great. You can put on a mask and be something different. Just remember to take it off. God made you for a purpose. You’re exactly who you’re meant to be. Strive toward holiness, seek His will, and love hard.

The thing with masks is that I get so comfortable wearing mine that I often forget it’s really a mask or even on at all. I’m one person at work, one person with friends, another person at church. But, I’m working on it. I’m trying to peel back the masks and find myself underneath.

Sometimes the mask looks like a funny, awesome guy when I just want to be sad. Other times, that funny, awesome guy is authentic. That’s why it’s such a good mask and so hard to remove.

But, if I want to build authentic friendships, I first need to be authentically myself and that begins by not caring what other people think of me. Easier said than done.

Which is why my friends and family are so great. They let me be me, they let me find myself and challenge me to grow into the best version of myself. They love me for who I am, but see me as a son of God and designed for a greater purpose than this world could ever guide me toward. They show me the love God has for me.

They allow me to be broken, but don’t let me wallow in that mire of suck. They aren’t trying to fix me, just surround me and envelope me with love. They remind me that they’re there and will wait for me. They reach out a hand and offer an ear to listen. And that makes them Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

We are mighty. We are all worthy of love. We are all created with a purposed designed to be beautiful. We can all brighten someone’s day. It’s as easy as sending a simple text, or a funny picture on Snapchat. As meaningful as a phone call or a spontaneous visit. Those of us who know God’s love should pour it out to others.

I’m by no means perfect at this. Sometimes (often) I come on too strong or don’t know what to say, but God’s got my back. He will give me the words (Luke 12:12). I’m not strong enough to ruin His plan. If I let Him work through me, He will restore hearts, renew spirits, and revive souls. It’s not on me to save anyone. And that’s a relief.

This world is filled with broken people. We all know that. So, let’s be heroes. Let’s show love to all (Philippians 2: 1-5). It’s not through arguments or signs that we’ll win hearts and minds back to the Lord, it’s through our example, our lives, and the way we love. It’s through us that others encounter the author of love. The world is desperate for love; let’s show authentic love.