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It’s hard out there, outside in the world away from the warmth of your blankets and the comfort of your couch. The world wants to lie to you, to get you to forget your true purpose, your power. Grace fills your life, but’s it’s not always easy to see or hear.

The world tells you that you’re not enough. You aren’t rich enough, beautiful enough, skinny enough, muscular enough. You don’t have perfect hair or teeth. Your beat-up wreck of a car is embarrassing. You’re imperfections and flaws should be hidden so that people only see the version of you that isn’t broken.

But, the truth is, our imperfections and flaws make us unique. That beat-up wreck has a history; it’s part of your story. You can’t imagine your life without it. You may not be rich, you may not “have enough” but you can still be blessed. With friends, with family. Be rich in more than money. Money doesn’t satisfy (Ecclesiastes. 5:10).

Don’t hide who you are. Who cares if someone doesn’t like it? Focus on the people who want you in their lives.

Pleasing everyone isn’t the key to happiness. Besides, would you rather be liked for the person you think someone wants you to be or for the person that you are?

Surround yourself with those who know your value, who help you see your worth, and who challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Good friends are underappreciated. Find a few who will stand by you no matter how intense you get, how much of a mess you are, or how lame your jokes. Sometimes, the people in our lives are the miracles. Sometimes, they are God speaking to us, showing us His love and our worth.


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Not easy, I know. We all want universal acceptance. It’s hard to come by. Even for funny hilarious people. Sometimes, it’s not easy to like yourself. Sometimes whatever you’re facing seems impossible.

Rest in our Heavenly Father. Trust in Him. Place your hope in Him. He can do the impossible. He can renew your life. He will always be by your side. He wants to be there for you. You just need to let Him.

But the choice is always yours to make. He won’t force you.