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Everyone says there’s a war on Christmas. That it’s a shame we have to say “Happy Holidays” instead of wishing folk “Merry Christmas”. But that’s not what’s really important during this season.

It’s not even the gifts we wait in long lines for.

Christmas has become this stressful time of trying to find the perfect present for everyone on your list instead of seeking solace in the Lord. We look to external things to give happiness to others rather than share with them the One who gives pure, lasting joy.

We try to brush over our faults with fake smiles or mend our brokenness with plastic nails. Toys, video games, the latest book, whatever your distractions, that’s all they are. A stop gap, a stall for the next thing to distract you from life instead of actually living it. Yes, life is messy. Yes, it can be hard. But, it can also be wonderful and hilarious. If we take the good with the bad (now we have the facts of life).

I mean, can we only take the good? As much as I’ve love to, I don’t know if it’s possible while we’re stuck on this broken Earth. Until we reach perfection in Heaven (by no means a guarantee [Matthew 7:21]), we are only going to be able to make the best out of a bad situation. But, if we look for Jesus in others, we’ll find Him and that might just be the only miracle we need this Christmas season.