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Everyone wants to find their purpose, that one thing that makes them feel truly fulfilled. The reason you were created. I don’t know how to help you find it, though, only that we all want to. And what it feels like when you finally do.

On page 18 of Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand writes, “[Louis Zamperini] felt as if he would faint, but it wasn’t from exertion. It was from the realization of what he was.” At 16, Louie had just outran college cross country runners in a two mile race by a quarter mile.

You may not have that sort of moment where you outstrip everyone in your path, but I bet you will know that same feeling. Louie spend his youth searching for something, but didn’t know what. He stole, smoked, drank, and fought. Until he found running. He found his passion. His purpose.

But only one of his purposes. I can’t imagine that we are put on this Earth with only one purpose in mind. Maybe a singular, main purpose that drives us. Yet, I think that we still have smaller reasons for existing. I don’t believe Louis Zamperini solely existed to run. Just like I don’t exist solely to write.

You exist for a purpose. An innate talent, a gift, lingers deep within you, drives who you are even when you don’t use it or run from it. Maybe you’re great at networking or encouraging people, but don’t see yourself using that for anything other than getting ahead. Or you don’t think you have any talents, but you work hard to put food on the table and gas in the tank.

Life is hard, no one denies that. But finding your passion, pursuing your purpose, that gives the struggle meaning. That allows you to see how you were meant to grow through the experience and use it. Maybe to help others, maybe just to help yourself.

God gives us all gifts to use to reach others and help others and build His kingdom here on Earth. Whether we do or not is up to us. But if we stop seeking our talents, we won’t live life to the fullest. And we won’t allow others to blossom around us.

It’s a miracle when you find who you are meant to be. A feeling of wholeness, completeness that washes over you. You feel, not accomplished, but amazingly awesome. Ready to take on all the doubters and smile at strangers, to lift people out of the mire, and to run, really run the race ahead of you not just trudge along one step at a time. You may not see every step along the path ahead, but at least it doesn’t feel like you’re wandering aimless through the briers and thorns of life.

Doubt, bitterness, hurt, regret, pain, every brokenness, all burned away by the grace, love, mercy, and truth of God.

God wants to make you a masterpiece. Will you let Him? It’s a choice we all have to make. No one can force it on you. The best version of yourself is waiting. Honestly, I’m excited to see what you can do once you find your purpose.