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Some days, it’s hard to get the voice of the world out of your head. You look at yourself and only see how you don’t measure up, how you’re not good enough.

It easy to listen to that whisper and let it grow into a howl that drowns out any other voice that tries to break in and remind you of your worth. You begin to feel like your drowning, crushed beneath the doubts, and deflated. You’re just trudging along through life as though that’s all there is, the daily grind. Life seems gray.

The brokenness seems too large to mend. The hurt too painful to heal. The ways you aren’t the ideal that the world tells you you need to be weigh you down and feel too heavy to throw off; they shackle you and keep you prison to despair.

We all stumble. We all brake. It’s hard to look up and find hope when you’re standing at the bottom of a pit. When I can’t see the stars, it feels like the empty blackness wants to envelope me.  But the truth is, there’s always hope… if we know how to look.

Run to the one who knows you as you are. The one who sees you exactly as you are and loves you more than you can fathom. He wants to comfort you.

Sitting in Eucharistic Adoration, I find the despair eases. It lessens. Some days, it even washes away completely. It’s not gone completely because I’m not perfect. The other day, I felt as though it was gone completely. That was amazing! Like dancing on a cloud. I felt free, lifted from the sense of dread that searching for purpose can bring. I saw myself exactly as the man the Lord sees me as. I saw how much He loves me.

He loves you, too. His arms are stretched out to embrace you in a hug.

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From creativefan.com

You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are worthy of love, worth giving and receiving love. It doesn’t matter your job, your height, your weight, your hairstyle, your car, your clothes, your home, or your muscle definition, your body shape, your shoe size, the amount of things you’ve accumulated, etc. You are a person, a human being. You matter. You have value. You can, do, and will continue to contribute to the lives of those around you.