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It’s the little things in life that we cherish most. The tiny moments that allow us to feel the most loved. 2020 has hit pretty hard for a lot of us. I don’t think that’s a stretch to say that. I think that in a lot of ways, we’ve been challenged more than we expected. Things we wanted didn’t happen or were put on hold.

We had to figure out life while living in a bubble. We had to fight battles and offer support through social media and video calls instead of in person.

I think that, often, not just this year, we need to go through hardship and heartache before we really know what we had or realize what we want. The things we fight for are the things we love.

It’s been a tough year. It might not even seem like the holiday season. We’re probably all grieving something. Life continues to march forward, however, without pause for our feelings or considering our problems or concerns… time keeps on running.

It’s fine. We’ve got this.


In the midst of the pandemic, while locked in quarantine, we had to figure out a way to continuing living even as the world around us seemed to crumble. We faltered. We stumbled. We even fell on our faces. A lot. But we never gave up. We continued to pick ourselves back up.


That’s who we’re made to be.

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Jesus on the road to Gethsemane fell three times, but each time picked Himself up and continued toward the cross. He knew where the road led (Matthew 27:32-56). That was how He fought for us.

We turned away from God in the beginning (Genesis 3). He waited. Perhaps knowing that absence makes the heart grow fonder? I think more, He knew that we’d need time to accept His love. It’s not easy to allow love into our lives. We are stubborn and prideful. But mostly, we’ve been hurt and don’t want to be hurt again.

But God fights for us. He loves us and continues to love us no matter what. So He came to Earth as a child (John 1:14). Born in Bethlehem some 2000+ years ago (Luke 2).

And so, we celebrate. The birth of our Savior.

We celebrate that God would not allow us to remain dead. To remain in our loveless state. He longed for us and so gave us the opportunity to know love. But we have to accept it. We have to choose it. Love is a two way street. It can’t simply be one person doing all the work. Both people have to put forth effort for their to be a relationship. God desires a relationship with us. He loves you.

That gives me hope. Hope for the future. It gives me joy. Joy for the present. It gives me peace. Peace in the moments, no matter how stressful.

That doesn’t make grief less. It doesn’t take away pain. But it allows me to breath again. To live again. I can be strong because I know I am loved. I am enough.

God loves you. Not after you’ve accomplished something great. Not because of what you’ve done. He loves you where you are. Broken or whole, rich or poor, sinner or saint.

How will you respond?